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Raíces Community School Core Values

Respect - accepting things as they are not as we want them to be.

If we want to guide children towards certain goals, we must first accept them as they are, their "chaos", and create conditions for them to grow into their own "order".


Awareness - consciously making a decision to observe what is and appreciate others and their situation as they come, including ourselves.


Initiative - the individual drives, no matter how chaotic or contradictory they might seem, are essential components of the learning environment:   the initiative of children, parents, teachers, and administrators.


Community - seeing our school as part of a whole where each person is interconnected, working together towards common goals.


Encouragement - focusing on the positive at all levels, even in mistakes or faults, building on what is good and creating a way of interacting that makes everyone, especially the children, feel wanted, needed, and useful. Demeaning or punishing language has no place in helping anyone, especially children, move forward.


Serenity - a quiet, sincere, positive acceptance of each other, of students, parents, teachers and the positive belief that challenges are best met in a calm and informed manner.







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