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To achieve our goal of biliteracy we will adopt a 90:10 dual language two-way immersion model for K-5. This model will provide a gradual learning process of the English language utilizing their first language (Spanish) to get a proficient level in other subjects such as Math, Science and Social Studies while they learn the English Language. Students in 4th and 5th grade will be exposed to the 50:50 model allowing the students to become biliterate on 5th grade. The Las Cruces Public Schools population of Mexican American/Hispanic students is approximately 77%, the need for bilingual and biliterate education is self-evident. There a currently no other 90:10 models being used in an elementary school of the three Doña Ana County school districts.


The Raíces Team in collaboration with parents, students, administrators, and faculty will create an open school environment that embraces bilingual and biliteracy transformative life experiences that propel students toward a successful transition to any middle school in the United States.  The extensive work of the Search Foundation documents that parents’ ability to articulate their children’s learning needs is a proven asset which increases the child’s resiliency and capacity for academic achievement. The role of parents will be embedded through the parent advisory council as a mechanism for parents to participate in designing the activities to implement the core principles of Raíces del Saber Xinachtli Community School.   

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